SEO and Open Y

Open Y has robust SEO (Search Engine Optimization) configuration capabilities.

Open Y has several Drupal SEO Modules integrated and pre-configured for use immediately upon a site installation. The default settings for Open Y SEO modules are set according to standard SEO best practices. There are more than 70 different admin configurable settings to meet the majority of any Open Y site SEO needs.


SEO Features and Modules included in Open Y

  • Meta Tag Settings Module

    • Includes Open Graph Meta Tags to specify how content displays when shared to Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

  • XML Sitemap Module

  • URL Path Module

  • Rabbit Hole Module

  • Social Media Share Module customized for Open Y to enable the display links for sharing content directly to Facebook, etc.

  • Data Layer Module customized for Open Y that outputs page meta data for any client-side use.


Here is a​ ​​​​​​sceenshot of the Open Y content editing interface showing every SEO configurable setting.