Adding Cachet fonts and CSS Editing in Open Y

The fonts and themes in Open Y can be customized. There are a few methods for achieving this.


How to add Cachet to an Open Y install

  • The Cachet font is not owned by the YMCA, and to use it, a site owner must pay for an annual license from a resource such as
  • Once a site owner has purchased a license to use the Cachet font, follow the steps outlined in the documentation for Cachet Font installation.
  • In the future, we hope to make the process for installing Cachet into an Open Y site install via a web interface.


How to edit the CSS for extensive theme customization.

  • There are two methods for CSS editing of Open Y, each with Pros and Cons.


  • Method 1: CSS Editor Module for Drupal
    • Pros:
    • Cons:
      • Editing code through the Drupal UI is not a best practice
      • It is impossible to split styles to different CSS files
      • Settings are stored in the site database, not in the code.


  • Method 2: SFTP access to your server, then create CSS using the Drupal documentation on CSS best practices.
    • Pros: 
      • Settings are stored in the code
      • Follows best practices for editing code in Drupal
    • Cons:
      • More time intensive to setup if unfamiliar wth web development.
      • Potential to break upgrade path if the "openy_rose" theme is edited on your server.
    • Instructions:
      • First, create a new theme for Open Y by following these instructions for defining a theme.
      • Second, specify "openy_rose" as the base theme. Doing this will cause your new theme to inherit all styles from "openy_rose", but allows you the freedom to customize the theme with additional changes however you wish.
      • Third, you can attach your CSS and JS files to your new theme by following these instructions.
      • Here is additional documentation on theming in Drupal.