Open Y Release Best Practices

Below are explanations about updates and release cycles. If you are told by a vendor that something isn’t current or is unsupported, please don’t hesitate to connect with us directly at


  • Security Updates: Open Y stays current with all critical security updates to Drupal that are released by the Drupal Security team These updates are integrated into the Open Y distribution within 24 hours of release from the Drupal Security Team. Notifications on these updates are communicated to the Open Y community via the Open Y message board, Open Y Slack chat, and the GitHub Open Y Distribution page.


  • Drupal Core Updates: All non-critical updates are evaluated for impact and are scheduled for release based on severity and impact on Open Y sites. It is not a technology best practice to immediately apply all patches or stay in lock step with each major and minor release of the Drupal core. Best practice is to continuously evaluate the impact and keep the code as close to the most recent release based on patch notes. For example, as of June 20, 2018 OpenY runs on the latest Drupal 8.4.x versions while the latest Drupal core version is 8.5.4.  This approach allows time for the Drupal core issues to be resolved and stabilized prior to incorporating it into Open Y to ensure stability in the Open Y distribution.


  • Occasionally the Open Y team identifies incompatibilities in new Drupal core features with Open Y. We then address these per the Open Y roadmap and make updates during our quarterly Open Y release cycle. For example, Drupal core version 8.5 approaches media handling different from Open Y. The Open Y team is addressing this for our next release. Thus a future release of Open Y will feature both an upgrade to the Drupal Core media management system, as well as an upgrade to Drupal core 8.5.x.


  • Open Y receives major updates on the second Tuesday of the second month each quarter.